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Personalized Cuvex Card - 2 Units

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Your card, your style, your security!

Two units included

Imagine carrying a card that not only protects your secrets or seeds but also showcases your unique identity. With our exclusive customization service, you can design your Cuvex NFC card to fit you perfectly.

Our customization process is simple.

Choose your preferred design, NFT, photo, logo, or any element you desire. Click the "upload your file here" button, place your order, and voila! You now have your Cuvex card as individual as you are.

But the true magic lies not just in appearance. Cuvex NFC remains the security stronghold you know and trust. With your personal touch added, you'll have a card that not only provides unbreakable protection but also reflects your lifestyle and passion for innovation.

Design your 100% Personalized Cuvex NFC Card with us and take security and customization to a whole new level.

Important: If you upload two images, we will print each image on one side of the card; if you upload only one image, we will print the same image on both sides. 

The file format you upload must be PNG or JPG.


Note: Free shipping costs for purchases over €100


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